Stop Rust


A one-step water-based rust destroying treatment that stops old rust and coats iron or steel surfaces to prevent new rust. STOP RUST! is an easy-to-use liquid that contains rust neutralizing chemicals that combine with rust to convert it into a hard black polymer surface that offers a long lasting protection as a weather-proof coating or as a superior under-coating.

Minimal preparation requires a wire brush to remove only flaking rust, oil and grease. It is not necessary to use expensive labour and time consuming methods to remove all traces of rust. Rust is necessary for the proper chemical reaction. All you need to do is brush or spray on STOP RUST! It is designed to change colour from white to blue/green to black. The black protective coating will begin to appear in about 10 minutes and normally be dry to the touch in one hour. Warm water and detergent is used for easy clean-up. Take control of rust problems that destroy expensive metal parts and STOP RUST!

Data Sheet: Stop Rust Data Sheet