We believe that Cantol, is not only another chemical and specialized products company, it is also unique! Our products are prepared with the highest concentrations possible, and specially designed for industrial and institutional activities.

Our goal is to manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality, and that do not vary in uniformity, application, or results. Throughout the years, Cantol has acquired specialized chemical companies in the USA and Canada. Each acquisition has brought new products, new formulas, experience, and new research. Some of those companies have been in business for more than 50 years. They had established their trade on a few unique products that are today all available at Cantol. Through research and acquisitions, we succeeded in building a line of quality industrial and specialized chemicals. We are proud of our products, maintaining the highest levels in our industry.

Fifteen years ago, Cantol became the leader in the understanding and introduction of environmental-friendly products to improve customer service and protect our environment.