Graffiti art is becoming a commonplace occurrence in cities. Graffiti artists rampantly leave their impressions on buildings, walls, trains and any other available public canvas that they can find. City councils forbid people to paint on communal properties but these acts of non-compliance cannot be controlled always.

However, as a landowner if you wish to get rid of graffiti from the walls of your property, you can use graffiti removal chemicals that are available in specialty industry settings.

Why should you use graffiti removal chemicals?

The spray paints used for graffiti art are very strong and potent. They cannot be removed with ease without the help of chemicals. There are many solvent solutions available in the market these days that you can use to get rid of graffiti on your walls.

What type of chemicals should you use?

  • Chemical Paint remover: This can be used on cement, brick, wood and other surfaces. It is a strong solvent and is sometimes only available in speciality industry outlets.
  • Handy-wipes: These work better on surfaces with less graffiti. It can remove spray-painting done on a smaller scale and helps in removing marker spots. It comes with a cloth or a scrubber that you can directly use on the surface.
  • Pressure Washing: This is a method that involves using pressure washing equipment and solvents to remove graffiti. This is an effective technique but it can wear out the quality of the surface.

Side effects of graffiti removal chemicals

Chemical removers are strong solvents and can cause health issues. Therefore, it’s important to consider safety precautions when using these chemicals. They are also known to be harmful to the environment. Moreover, they are an expensive option as they are priced high and applying these chemicals takes a lot of time and efforts.

Other methods of removing graffiti

  • Paint Out – It’s better to apply a new and fresh coat of paint on the wall where graffiti has been painted. It works out to be cheaper than using solvents that are harmful for health and hazardous for the environment.
  • Sandblaster – This method is effective in removing graffiti that is deep set and dried into the surface. It requires special equipment and involves a major cleaning up process after completion of the task.
  • Detergents and Liquid wash – A common method of cleaning graffiti is to use washing detergents and liquids with water. You can use a nylon brush to scrub out the paint. This method will only be effective if the graffiti paint is water-soluble.

Why is it important to hire a professional to remove graffiti?

It’s always best to hire a professional to do this job as they are well versed with the risks involved. They know the right amount of quantity that should be used and the correct application method. A professional will also follow manufacturer’s guidelines when using graffiti removal chemicals.

Graffiti removal chemicals should be used with care and caution to avoid any health hazards.