Don’t you sometimes feel tired of scrubbing those stubborn greasy stains that refuse to come off metal tops and surfaces? If you have tried looking for a permanent solution for this issue but have been unsuccessful, then look no further. Degreaser is an answer to all your cleaning problems. It works wonders in the kitchen, bathroom and on any other surfaces that you wish to clean. Degreaser cleaning products are easily available in stores and are great to maintain the look and feel of things precious to you.

What is Degreaser Cleaning?

It is a cleaning product and contains chemicals that are effective in dissolving water insoluble matters such as oil, lubricants, tar, wax, resin and grease. It can be used to remove oil based smears from hard surfaces like machinery, instruments and floors.


  • Degreasers are available in various forms. They can be bought as sprays, wipes or solutions that you can use directly on the surface.
  • Some degreasers not only cleanse but also fulfill the purpose of disinfecting and deodorising.
  • Degreasers are designed to retain the colour and finish of the surface they are applied on. A degreaser is non corrosive and doesn’t discolour the base.
  • Some degreasers are water based and chemical free and can be safely used in areas where food is prepared.

Tips for using Degreaser Cleaning products

  • It is advised not to mix degreasers with other chemical cleaning agents like bleach, acids, caustics and ammonia.
  • If you are using chemical based solvents, make sure you wear protective clothing while using them and read manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your and others’ safety.
  • Make sure you buy the right product for the surface you wish to clean. A wrong cleaning solvent can react unfavourably on the surface and spoil it.
  • Degreaser should not be used on plants or animals and kept out of children’s reach.
  • When using degreasers in food preparation areas, make sure you don’t have uncovered food lying around.
  • Use appropriate amounts on a surface. Usually it’s best to take small amounts and do the cleaning with that.
  • Before cleaning electrical appliances, make sure they are switched off. These solvents are strong and can be conductors of electricity.
  • Do not discard degreasers irresponsibly; they may cause adverse effects on the environment. Hence always check the labels to see the correct procedure to follow when disposing them.

Traits of a good product

Be sure to choose check the materials used to produce a degreaser cleaning agent. Some materials are best avoided.

  • Make sure it doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds. This element is not detrimental to the environment but is injurious for human health.
  • Some degreasers contain hazardous air pollutants that can cause respiratory problems and sickness. It contains toxics that are unsafe for the environment and human beings.
  • Check for a product’s biodegradability. This means that the degreaser can be discarded safely and it does not pose a threat either to the atmosphere or to human health.

Degreaser cleaning products should be used keeping in mind the surface you wish to scour. The above tips should help you to choose the right product.