Ora Fresh Spray


ORA-FRESH SPRAY is a concentrated natural citrus deodorant which overcomes and neutralizes the toughest unpleasant airborne odours. ORA-FRESH SPRAY leaves a natural, clean, fresh fragrance reminiscent of a walk through an orange grove. The organic technology uses natural ingredients to destroy any foul odours. An environmentally responsible departure from the typical solvent-based deodorants. One concentrated burst of ORA-FRESH SPRAY can last up to 24 hours.

The versatility of ORA-FRESH SPRAY is demonstrated by its ability to be sprayed into air, onto the source of odour, or into hard surface cleaning solutions or carpet shampoos. Use the power and effectiveness of 100% citrus to turn stale, obnoxious indoor air outside-fresh with ORA-FRESH SPRAY.

Data Sheet: Ora Fresh Spray data sheet