Just Squirt


JUST-SQUIRT is a concentrated, viscous liquid odour suppressant and deodorizer. A small amount of JUST-SQUIRT overpowers unpleasant odours and leaves behind a clean scent. JUST-SQUIRT is a water based chemical formulation that is ready-to-use; or can be added to water and applied as a mist through a trigger sprayer or mechanical fogger.

JUST-SQUIRT overcomes objectionable odours in three ways: Eliminates foul odours through a neutralizing fragrance; deactivates the source of odours with a powerful odour inhibitor; and leaves a fresh, pleasant scent that replaces the foul odour. JUST-SQUIRT is used anywhere unpleasant odours linger.

Apply JUST-SQUIRT directly on any surface or dilute with water and spray into the air. The thick, ready-to-use, liquid is designed to keep areas smelling clean and fresh longer. JUST-SQUIRT comes in convenient litre containers with a controllable “squirt” spout.

Data Sheet: Just Squirt data sheet