INSTANT-ER is a six-way action liquid product that 1) penetrates, 2) lubricates, 3) displaces moisture, 4) helps prevent corrosion, 5) protects surfaces and 6) cleans. As a penetrant, INSTANT-ER quickly works itself into mechanical parts frozen by corrosion. The lubricating oil leaves a film that reduces friction, stops squeaks and frees sticking parts. INSTANT-ER displaces and seals out moisture on electrical equipment to help prevent electrical shorts and current leakage caused by moisture.

INSTANT-ER inhibits metal corrosion by adhering to wet or dry metal surfaces that are exposed to corrosive conditions. Helps protect electrical gear, metal and other surfaces from deterioration due to harsh environments. INSTANT-ER cleans surfaces to allow better penetration. INSTANTER is formulated without chlorinated solvents to be nonflammable, nonconductive and harmless to most rubber, plastics and paint. INSTANT-ER saves downtime and costly repairs while keeping parts and equipment running smoother, longer and more efficiently.

Data Sheet: Instant-ER Data Sheet