Crystal-Clear Upgrade


CRYSTAL-CLEAR UPGRADE is the solution to your graffiti problems! The revolutionary moisture curing urethane anti-graffiti coating gives a tough, durable finish that is nearly impossible to penetrate. Crayon, ink, marking pens and spray paint clean right off with Cantol Gat. Simple and easy to use, just apply two coats with a solvent resistant brush or roller. CRYSTAL-CLEAR UPGRADE can be used on top of concrete, stone, brick, metal, wood, glass or previously painted surfaces. CRYSTAL-CLEAR UPGRADE dries quickly and may be recoated in three hours under normal conditions. Special low odour solvents permit applications where strong odours are objectionable. The Cantol anti-graffiti system consists of CRYSTAL-CLEAR UPGRADE and Gat, water rinseable gel-type cleaner.

Data Sheet: Crystal Clear Upgrade – Anti Graffiti Data Sheet