Forge C-Cure Epoxy Floor Patch


FORGE C-CURE EPOXY FLOOR PATCH is a professional, heavy duty, industrial three part epoxy mortar system. The liquids A and B are combined with factory blended aggregates (Part C) to form a trowelable mortar patch.

FORGE C-CURE EPOXY FLOOR PATCH is a general-purpose industrial patch that resists a wide range of chemicals; acids, alkalies, water, sugar, food stuffs. The new technology epoxy patch is extremely fast in developing strength, allowing minimal downtime. The heavy traffic resistant surface can be used for patching up to several centimetres deep. Ideal to patch or repair existing epoxy flooring or concrete.

FORGE -CURE EPOXY FLOOR PATCH has a 20 minute pot life at 21°C (70°F) from the time parts A and B are mixed Patch can be opened to full traffic in 2 hours.

Data Sheet: Forge C-Cure Patch Kit data sheet