Upgrade – Clear Urethane Coating


UPGRADE is a clear, high solids, moisture-cure, single component urethane coating. Dust formation is a problem with unprotected concrete floors and UPGRADE offers an ideal solution to that problem. The excellent penetrating properties of UPGRADE help to bind concrete and, at the same time, provide a surface film with outstanding resistance to abrasion, water and chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and oils. Dust, dirt and grease stay on top so maintenance is easy and quick. The tough, durable coating provides a high gloss to ensure optimum reflective light. High reflectivity increases light in work areas and dramatically improves the appearance of the floor. Since only one coat is normally required, UPGRADE drastically cuts application time and labour costs while minimizing downtime. UPGRADE dries quickly and may be recoated in three hours under normal conditions, if necessary. Floors can be opened to heavy usage after drying overnight. Special low odour solvents permit applications where strong odours are objectionable. All components are ready mixed in one container for quick application by brush, roller or spray. UPGRADE concrete floors with this urethane coating that significantly outperforms conventional coatings.

Product application service is also available.

Data Sheet: Upgrade – Urethane 4 Concrete