Acrymet Plus


ACRYMET PLUS is a prime example of continuous efforts to improve ultra high speed technology. With ACRYMET  PLUS  comes the most tolerant floor finish ever developed. ACRYMET  PLUS gives an initial high, deep gloss without buffing and keeps the busiest floor beautiful at any maintenance machine speed. That is, ACRYMET PLUS can be maintained by spray buffing, high speed buffing, or ultra high speed (UHS) burnishing. The result is a spectacular gloss and a finish that is toughened for maximum scuff-resistance. The unique polymer chemistry of ACRYMET PLUS extends floor finish life. Thus reducing labour costs since the number of strippings, recoats and spray maintenance procedures can be reduced. In addition, tremendous labour savings can be achieved when ACRYMET PLUS is maintained with Cantol Optima Spray Maintainer a product for spray cleaning/buffing or burnishing at any speed. Add Cantol Believe no rinse stripper to this line and you have a floor care system that offers major labour savings! The advanced technology of this metal, crosslinked floor finish provides a clear, non-yellowing, anti-slip finish that resists black heel marks, scuffs, spills, powdering and heavy traffic. ACRYMET  PLUS exceeds the demands of today’s maintenance industry.

Data Sheet: Acrymet Plus Data Sheet