Ora-Solv Plus


ORA-SOLV PLUS contains biodegradable solvents and emulsifiers which dissolve grease and control odors. Environmentally compatible ingredients chemically combine to effectively dissolve grease, fat, oil, slime and soap scum in drains, pipes and grease traps. A natural citrus based solvent replaces masking perfumes to give a fresh orange grove aroma while dissolving greasy residues. ORA-SOLV PLUS mixes with water to give a uniform, economical solvent system. Used on a preventative maintenance schedule, ORA-SOLV PLUS helps prevent grease and slime build up in drains and pipes while controlling odours. ORA-SOLV PLUS will not harm metal pipes, generate heat or affect bacterial activity. Being biodegradable and free of typical solvents, acids and caustics found in drain treatments, ORA-SOLV PLUS may be used without fear of contaminating the environment or contributing to hazardous working conditions.

Data Sheet: Ora Solv Plus Data Sheet