BIO-DRAIN Liquid Bacteria/Enzyme Culture contains a balanced blend of several natural strains of aerobic (bacteria requiring oxygen) and anaerobic (bacteria requiring no oxygen to live) high enzyme producing bacteria [which are nonpathogenic (nonharmful) and non-toxic]; plus a powerful deodorant and a biodegradable organic solvent. The ready-to-use 100% active bacteria, when introduced into a waste system, revive, feed, reproduce and generate high amounts of enzymes in the form of Amylase, Protease and Lipase, that digest organic waste matter. In addition, a powerful, hard-working deodorant is added to overcome and control even the toughest waste odours. A biodegradable organic solvent is added to initially help liquefy organic waste. This added solvency is especially effective in dissolving soil that clings to the sides of pipes and drains. BIO-DRAIN is used on a regular established schedule to replace cultures (bacteria) that are washed away or that die off after completing their function. When used according to directions, BIO-DRAIN breaks down protein, grease, fats, sugars, starches and other organic waste: thus reducing solids and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) while controlling odours. A “portion aid” is provided for accurate dispensing from litres and gallons while a compact automatic feeding and proportioning device is available to dispense BIO-DRAIN from drums. Superior enzyme-producing bacteria cultures plus a hard-working deodorant and solvent system equals an effective waste treatment system in the form of BIO-DRAIN.

Data Sheet: Bio-Drain Data Sheet