Tri-Sub Liquid Degreaser


TRI-SUB LIQUID DEGREASER is the replacement for 1,1,1-Trichloroethane without any of the environmental hazards. TRI-SUB LIQUID DEGREASER is an important breakthrough in the degreasing of all parts quickly and easily; in most cases without disassembly. Highly effective in degreasing both mechanical and electrical equipment.

TRI-SUB LIQUID DEGREASER does not affect conductivity and leaves no residue. Specially formulated to clean better and dry faster than water-based degreasers while being lower in toxicity than chlorinated solvent-based degreasers. This new safety solvent has no harsh or strong odour; making TRISUB LIQUID DEGREASER user friendly. Move up to the next generation of degreaser, for use on a variety of surfaces and soils, with the application of TRI-SUB LIQUID DEGREASER.

Data Sheet: Tri Sub Liquid Degreaser Data Sheet