J-88 is a ready to use, nonflammable, noncombustible, nonozone depleting, solvent cleaner and degreaser and doesn’t contain 1,1,1-Trichloroethane. J-88 is designed for the spray cleaning of electrical and mechanical equipment where grease, oils, lubricants, grime, tar and other contaminants can reduce the efficiency of the equipment. Contains no CFC’s, ozone depleting chemicals or petroleum distillates.

The controlled evaporation of J-88 allows for the flushing of insoluble matter and the dissolving of soluble oils; yet dries fast. J-88 leaves no residue to attract dirt or grime. With J-88, there is no need to turn off motors or electrical equipment or disassemble since the J-88 liquid formula has no flash point; is nonconductive and works its way into hard to reach areas. Metals, many plastics, paints and insulating materials are not affected by J-88. Restore efficiency and conserve energy by the regular use of J-88 as a spray, dip, wipe, brush or soak solution.

Data Sheet: J-88 data sheet