VANTAGE is a super powerful, water soluble multi-purpose formulation specially formulated with soil cutting ingredients to provide greater strength and cleaning power to attack the toughest grease, oil, dirt, carbon, wax, mildew, ink, soot, grime and other stubborn stains without heavy scrubbing.

VANTAGE’s unique cleaning action works through saponification and emulsification. VANTAGE reacts with grease and fat (saponification) to form water soluble soaps and chemically breaks up fats and oils (emulsification) thus allowing soil to be rinsed away after being dissolved in water.

VANTAGE is effectively used as a complete all-purpose degreaser and cleaner for industrial and institutional equipment and machinery; also floors, walls and other hard surfaces. Use it in trigger sprayers, hand pressure sprayers, mop buckets and high pressure washers. VANTAGE contains no chlorinated solvents or petroleum distillate such as kerosene or naptha.

Data Sheet: Vantage data sheet