Tech 736 Ultra


TECH 736 ULTRA is a uniquely concentrated chemical formulation combining high quality detergents with the oil and grease cutting action of solvents. This solvent emulsion cleaning action enables TECH 736 ULTRA to outperform ordinary detergents by delivering the powerful grease cutting action of solvents, safely and economically. The wide water dilution range allows TECH 736 ULTRA to perform a variety of jobs thus reducing inventory of specialized products.

The multi-purpose cleaning power of TECH 736 ULTRA will remove the toughest stains, grease, oil, fat, carbon, wax, dirt without hard rubbing. TECH 736 ULTRA is nonflammable, easily rinsed and safe on all surfaces when used according to directions. Use TECH 736 ULTRA in trigger sprayers, hand sprayers, pressure washers, mop buckets, steam cleaning equipment. The low toxicity formulation contains no petroleum solvents or heavy metal chelants.

Data Sheet: Tech 736 Ultra cdn data sheet