Ora Solv Foam


ORA-SOLV FOAM is a heavy duty, water soluble cleaner and degreaser formulated with efficient, biodegradable solvents one of which is a natural, active solvent whose orange grove aroma enhances the work area. The solvent system in ORA-SOLV FOAM uses no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents.

ORA-SOLV FOAM contains powerful penetrating and emulsifying agents which fortify the solvent action. The environmentally compatible ingredients soften, liquefy and suspend the toughest soils for fast and easy removal by water rinsing. ORA-SOLV FOAM used in concentrated form or at various water dilution rates, Will rapidly penetrate and lift such stubborn soils as fats, carbonized oils, gear lubes, tar, grease build-ups, oily deposits and rubber marks. A multi-ratio “Foam Gun” is used to give a blanket of clinging foam that allows for thorough coverage of surfaces.

ORA-SOLV FOAM is equally effective in pressure washer, steam cleaner, manual cleaning methods or immersion applications. ORA-SOLV FOAM requires no special handling and is easily disposed of in the same way as any neutral water based cleaner.

Data Sheet: Ora Solv Foam data sheet